Understanding Private Label Clients

The life of our company stretches back to 1884 when James Aimer, a trader and shipper local to Dundee, brought coffee and tea to Scotland.  In that late Victorian era, the company provided our finest beans and leaves to the first private label clients.  Fast forward 130 years and we still follow the same traditions of providing a superb bespoke product to a wide range of private label clients.



But who are private label clients?

Essentially a private label client is one that takes a company’s product and then brands it as their own.  Whilst we work with a wide range of organisations, the best example of a private label client is to look to the supermarkets.   You only have to walk through the aisles at any of the leading supermarkets to see all the different brands on offer, from baked beans and tomato ketchup from Heinz through to Kellogg’s Cornflakes.  However, just as common now are the supermarket’s own brands ranging from their value through to premium ranges, the majority of whom are made by private label manufacturers like us.

In recent research by Neilson, “own labels” now account for 54% of UK supermarket sales.  More importantly, 71% of consumers believe that the quality of own brands has improved.  Supermarkets have seen the benefit in the expansion of their ranges through improved margins but have also had to be mindful of the fact that the consumer’s purchasing decision can be swayed by price, taste or even an emotional connection to a product.

James Aimer develop bespoke tea and coffee for a wide range of private label clients from wholesalers to vending machine operators, all in the out of home market.



So what does James Aimer deliver to its private label clients?

With our years of experience, we are able to assist our clients in creating products that “fit” their target audiences through key areas such as:

·       Taste development – ensuring that your product aligns with the tastes of your target markets.

·       Style of delivery – whether it is ground or bean, bag or loose leaf, we will ensure the right means of delivery.

·       Packaging – we can create and utilise bespoke packaging to ensure that your desired product reflects the style of the product being delivered and your brand.

In dealing only with private label clients, we ensure that the 130 years of experience is delivered through our products and that the end consumer gets a cup of tea or coffee that truly delivers.