James Aimer expands Senior Team

At James Aimer we are passionately committed to continually improving our customer service, product offering and business as a whole. Our recent identity refresh and customer research programme is part of this development and we are also delighted to announce the arrival of Jon Taylor as the new National Sales Manager for James Aimer.  Based in Worcestershire, Jon will be working alongside directors James Aston and Eric Duncan, managing some of our existing client accounts, ensuring each individual receives a unique service tailored to their needs. 

We caught up with Jon after a few weeks at the company to learn a bit more about his background and vision looking forward for the business…


Hi Jon, can you tell us a bit about your career background?


I would describe it as middle aged and varied!  I've served many apprenticeships throughout my career starting off as a mechanical engineer by trade but for the last fifteen years I've worn only two hats- 'purchasing' and 'sales'.


What made you want to enter the tea & coffee industry?


The health benefits, for one; caffeine can make you smarter, lose weight and is loaded with nutrients and it sounded better than sugar…. I know that berries and cherries are to coffee as apples and pears are to cider so I believed that beverage in some form was definitely the way forward.


I've spent my most recent years in Hospitality and Food Service and interestingly the opportunity arose to specialise in hot beverages which seamed the logical rewarding route to follow.


What excites you about James Aimer as a company?


The personality and the passion of the people first and foremost and then of course the heritage of the business! It is a company that supports its customers and they understand that service can make all the difference as well as being independently owned and operated with high moral and ethical values.


What is your role at James Aimer?


National Sales Manager.  It is a new role for the company and will involve a degree of managing our existing client base, targeting organic growth and looking for new business opportunities.


What do you think you will bring to the business?


I'm very excited about James Aimer’s recent identity refresh, and I hope this will allow me to grow into a role whereby my loyalty, personality, dedication and industry knowledge can show through both internally and external in the business. 


Most importantly… how do you take your coffee?


Being quintessentially British I could say 'tea' please James, with Sugar and Milk. However in all seriousness I take my coffee black and strong. An Espresso not Americano, Italian not American and not overly roasted and extracted.


My perfect blend would be a medium roast, uniquely balanced with flavour, nutty and a little sweet with mild acidity (citrus taste) and with a sufficient punch!


With an evident passion for tea and coffee we look forward to working with Jon and introducing him to our clients.  Should you wish to get in touch with Jon please contact him at jon.taylor@jamesaimer.co.uk